Got this rad pin last Sunday.


Got this rad pin last Sunday.

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see, it’s easy

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shot this for a while ago!!


Polyester 2014, shoot by Arvida Byström.

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plucking your eyebrows is legitimately very stressful because you pull out one wrong hair and it’s game over

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29 more portraits challenging the definition of what it means to be LGBT

A few months ago, San Francisco-based photographer Sarah Deragon decided to start taking pictures of the LGBT community in her area. Deragon asked her subjects to pose for the camera and submit their own personal identifier — their identity. 

As the portraits went viral, the photographer realized “The Identity Project” had national, even global potential. With that in mind, Deragon has started an Indiegogo campaign in the hope of taking the project on the road to reach as many people as possible with her message.

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Can someone please explain what the fudge an “otter” and “platypus” is? Like you know, besides the obvious. Or are they just messin’ with us and having some fun?

Hi! I’m Platypus! (seriously, check out my profile icon and my website, you’ll see it’s the same person)

It’s kind of hilarious that a ton of the reblogs on this are pointing out my picture, and I figure I’ll answer this right now.

I had a few ideas about what label to use. My choices were Queer Female Migrant Minority, Platypus, Fuck You, Foreign, and Labels and I Have An Abusive Relationship.

Platypus is something I’ve actually been using as a kind of artist-shorthand/symbol for my work. I’ll take an excerpt from my artist statement to explain where I’m coming from with it:

Consider the unicorn: made up of parts that don’t usually go together, mythical, yet so beloved that people will go to all lengths to make it exist.

Now consider the platypus: made up of parts that don’t usually go together, real, yet so confounding that for many years even scientists could not believe they existed.

 I am the platypus – and my life’s work has been to create spaces so that other platypus and anyone else that traverses flux, the liminal, the in-between can find themselves reflected, represented, counted. My work explores the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, nationality, and other identity axes claimed by or imposed on each other.

Yes, it’s a little silly. Also, I was running late getting to the photoshoot (protip: don’t try to schedule a trip to San Francisco the same morning as the St Patricks Day parade) so I was a little frazzled and didn’t have a lot of time to really mull over the label.

I could have chosen one that fit the rest of the list, sure. Queer Female Migrant Minority is a lot more understandable. But besides having used Platypus for a few years now, I also wanted to really get through the idea that as far as labels and I are concerned, no one seems to recognise that my combination exists. Either I’m faking being queer because one of my partners was a straight man and another was a queer trans* woman (I would not recommend stumbling onto radfem messageboards trashing you and your ex, btw), or I’m not PoC enough for anyone because I don’t neatly align US politics, or that I’m not Malaysian/Bangladeshi enough, or that I’m doing gender wrong because I’m either too normative or not normative enough, or that queer South Asians apparently aren’t supposed to exist, or trying to explain my weird visa situations gives people headaches, or whatever.

I got tired of feeling like a special snowflake (ha, another label) and found comfort in platypus and in bats (another animal I connect with and sometimes have as a nickname for very similar reason). The one constant was that I was liminal (damnit that would have been PERFECT), in-between, and it is that constant in-between passing-but-not-belonging state that defines me more than anything else.

(Also I thought the Queer Blah De Blah thing was a little boring after a while and wanted to mess with the order a little. It worked, clearly ;D)

I talk more about it in my interview with the Identity Project here.

On the assumption that the mobile app will reblog this wrong (as a link): I’m mostly reblogging this for notyourexrotic's commentary about why she chose PLATYPUS as her label. :)

So this list is making the rounds again and I’ve been saying Hi to everyone who shouted “PLATYPUS!!!” in the posts.

In the middle of this I found a set of reblogs by what I think are radfem types who have expressed a desire to “punch us in the face” for some of the more unusual labels (inc Platypus) and claim that they were disappointed that this was not a mockery of identity labels. One of them questioned someone who went with “queer femme” by claiming that they wanted to “steal from lesbians”. As someone who once had been the target of vicious rumours of how I was “lying to lesbians to sleep with them”, this was really hurtful and painful.

The irony is that half the reason I went with Platypus instead of Queer Female blah de blah was exactly because I got really tired of identity politics and the need to show my Activist Cred by ascribing to a label. I was fed up that my relationship to labels had usually been coercive or abusive, and wanted to express the sentiment of never really fitting anywhere. Hence Platypus (and the above commentary).

Fuck radfems, man. They came for my friends, they came for my ex, and now they come for me.

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Kirsten Dunst in her bedroom, 1997


Kirsten Dunst in her bedroom, 1997

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